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Business Writing 
Every company needs a writer. Each message it sends out must hit the mark, whether aimed at customers, employees, recruits, investors or shareholders.

Most people in business dread writing for the company; they have more important things to do - that's where ROMAN VIII Ltd comes in.

It's not a matter of deathless prose or perfect grammar. The imperatives are clarity, brevity, impact. The enemies are cliché and jargon. The trick is to cut to the essence, and then add something - the unexpected touch of flair to bring a printed page to life.

At ROMAN VIII Ltd , we have extensive experience of professional writing for business. We will save you time, because we are quick to absorb your company's objectives, grasp the essential points and put them across in a language the audience will understand.

We are able to deliver words for corporate literature, PR, web sites and multimedia applications.

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