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 Graphic Design
 3d Design
 Advertising for Industry
 Art and Design
 Fibonacci Designs
 Dales Housing Project
 Brochure Leaflet and Folder Design
 A4 Folded Brochure Example
 A4 Folded Brochure Example 2
 A4 Oversized Folder With Pocket
 A5 Oversized Folder With Pocket
 DL Tri-Fold Leaflet Example
 DL Tri-Fold Leaflet Example
 DL Tri-Fold Leaflet Example
 Newsletter Example
 Business Packs
 Corporate Advertising
 Full page LSG advert
 Half page LSG ad
 High profile quarter page ad
 Banner Stand Design Example 1
 Banner Stand Design Example 2
 Banner Stand Design Example 3
 Banner Stand Design Example 4
 Exhibition Panel Example
 Exhibition Stand Example
 Photo Manipulation
 Promo Card Designs
 A Window on the World Exhibition postcard
 After the End Exhibition postcard
 Balance Exhibition card
 Diversity Exhibition card
 Galleryeight Birthday Invite card
 Love War & Peace Exhibition postcard
 The Elements Exhibition postcard
 The Infleuence of William Blake card
 Retail Advertising
 2 column bw ad
 Banner advert
 Eighth page colour ad
 Quarter page colour ad
 Derbyshire dales boundary sign design work
 Galleryeight retail sign design
 PR + Marketing
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 Project Management
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 Client News
 Published Work Examples
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